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We must create new awareness between and amongst First Nations and non-Aboriginal people, that those who currently and/or one day will create policy (social, political, educational, judicial, environmental, etc) will someday deem it laughable and absurd that there was once a time the First Nations of this land were not included in any type of policy development or discussion, at any level.

The history of First Nations is a prehistory and history of Canada's founding peoples from the earliest times to the present with a focus on First Nations.

This project work of peace and friendship happens not only through programs at Tatamagouche Centre – new networks, gatherings, educational events and celebrations are being encouraged in all parts of our Maritime region.

Our vision for Peace and Friendship work: To create a new understanding and awareness between one another which creates an environment for healing the past.

Crime rates within Aboriginal communities are generally higher than the national crime rate.

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The title “Peace and Friendship” comes from the names of the series of treaties, signed in the 1700’s, between the First Nations of this region and the British Crown.

These treaties are legal today, and inspire us toward a re-newing of good relationships, as they had been envisioned long ago.

The pre-history settlement of the Americas is subject of ongoing debate as First Nations oral history, combined with new methodologies and technologies used by archaeologists, linguists, and other researchers, produce new and sometimes conflicting, evidence.

that the Bering Strait Land Bridge never existed, and that the ancestors of the Native Americans had not migrated to the Americas over such a land bridge, as has been claimed by most archaeologists, anthropologists, linguists and other scholars.