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“I have a healthy life right now, and I think that’s all anyone cares to know.

The end.” The site later went on to claimed that Big Sean then hit back at Ariana with a diss track rumored to be about Grande and their relationship, titled “Cruel Winter.” Big Sean never officially confirmed his track is about Ariana, though posted snippets of the song lyrics that appeared to suggest Sean may have been putting Grande on blast.

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READ MORE Ariana Grande's manager Scooter Braun did the honors by introducing the crowd at One Love Manchester to his artist ... Scooter talked about a conversation he had with Ariana…“[Big Sean’s] not tripping on her relationship nor thinking about it or care about it,” an insider close to the rapper told of how Ariana’s former boyfriend feels about her dating Mac, alleging that Sean slammed Grande because he knows she’ll never find anyone better than him. Sean considers himself one of the best men Ariana’s ever dated,” the source continued to the site after it was revealed that Ariana is now dating Mac.“He’s cocky in that way.” And it sounds like Sean is making it pretty clear that he has no plans to get back together with Ariana, nor does he think Grande could ever replace him with Miller or anyone else she may find herself dating in the future.Unsurprisingly, Kendrick Lamar got the most love (specifically eight nominations) for his ICONIC music video for star Tamra Judge posted recovery photos of her recent facelift!Despite the graphic pics, the reality TV personality says "there was little pain and bruising involved." But this wasn't the only buzz worthy moment featured on social media!

Ariana grande who is she dating