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Upon moving to Singapore in 2007 to take up an academic position at a local university David also made it known that he was providing dating coaching there.

He steadily took on more clients and soon the local media began reaching out to him for tips on radio, press and TV shows.

David began writing field reports and mostly his ideas about dating from what he was learning on a blog which quickly became popular.I was born in Taiwan, and raised and educated in Canada and the USA. Ltd.), which is a dating academy that offers coaching and products to help men and women succeed in their dating and love lives.I lived in Beijing for 4 years before settling in Singapore in 2008 to take up a position as tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the National University of Singapore. Since I am not a Singapore citizen but I was opening and registering my company in Singapore, it was necessary that I had a local director and process all the paperwork my own work visa through my own company.A Chinese Canadian mother requested his help in order to help socialize her son who had been harassed by neo-Nazis throughout high school.Taking upon this heavy burden of social responsibility, JT told her: , if you allow him to.