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All products and tools that we review come directly from the manufacturer for testing.We will attempt to acquire your requested product or tool for review, but we make no guarantees.We give unbiased reviews that should be of help as you consider a product for purchase.If you would like us to review a particular product and don't see it listed here, please send us an email and tell us about the product you would like us to review. Could you image storing tools or carrying them without a toolbox?

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Hello, I am new here and joined because I just acquired my first Gerstner tool chest. The prior owner was a young man that didn't know much about it.

We look at the construction and the hardware on the chest.

We research our records and original brochures to determine the time periods that certain hardware was used.

List the exact measurements of the chest by length, width and height.

We need the inside measurements of any drawer with sides made of metal (typically a tall skinny drawer in the middle of the chest). Provide any information you may already know about the tool chest and its history (i.e.

Dating gerstner tool chests