Dating in your early twenties dating a female med student

Embrace this time as you transition into adulthood and make sure you enjoy the experience.Not only are you in a phase where you are transitioning, but all your potential dating partners will be in the same situation.Many moons ago, people in their early twenties were all settling down, getting married and popping out children all over the shop.Now, however, the average age to get married in the UK is 34.3 for women and 36.7 for men.Others wonder how the hell we can still be bothered to sleep with each other, because surely the spark died years ago? They may not be your close friends but your Facebook newsfeed is starting to clog up with pictures of the babies of your old schoolmates and people you met on that drama summer school when you were 16. “No, auntie Susan, I won’t have a boy-/girlfriend joining us on Christmas Day, yet again, BUT I REALLY LIKE BEING SINGLE, OK! “Whether or not they believe me when I say it's got better as we've grown up together is up to them I suppose! If you have a fixed idea of what you want, based on romantic novels, and only date that kind of person then your experience will remain very limited.The perfect person for you could be very different from the type you think you want-so be open to dating different kinds of people.

“Sometimes they seem to pity me, as if I'm probably too scared of change to break up with him. You are possibly going to college, finishing college, looking for a job, moving across the country or moving overseas. In decades and centuries past when there was much less mobility and you were less likely to leave your hometown most people were already married by their early twenties. It is hard to find a long term keeper in this environment.Even if you want to, don't put too much pressure on yourself, because this is the way of the world these days.While this piece of advice is relevant no matter what your age is, it is especially important in your teens and twenties, when education and our career should be the most important thing.Having a degree or two, good work experience, and a solid savings plan is something no woman should forego for a man under any circumstances.