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“It’s important not to be divisive” At the Women and Girls Centre in Waing Maw in Kachin State, prevention officers, response officers, and caseworkers work together with volunteers and management in IDP camps.

But their work doesn’t end when they go home for the day.

A December 2012 article in Business Today titled, “Online dating business is India’s new love interest” reported that dating sites have some 25 million active members in India.

“[Indians] are now embracing a more progressive view on many things – in this case, dating, relationships and marriage,” said the founder of Two, Anita Dharamshi.

To help women and girls cope with life in camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs), UNFPA has established Women and Girls Centres in conflict-affected areas in Myanmar.

In the centres, women and girls who have been abused receive help to get to hospital for medical assistance.

According to the Joshua Project: The Burmese do not recognize clans or lineages.Emergency treatment is particularly important in rape cases, where treatment started within 72-hours can prevent both pregnancy and infection, including HIV.The centres also offer counselling and psychosocial support to help deal with the trauma.In the face of a weak legal system and the stigma of community disapproval, few women choose to report assaults.But those who do are supported by the Women and Girls Centres when they go to the police station and if and when their case is brought to trial.