Dating site for cancer patients Live chat with sexy girls face to face

The website has attracted more than 1,500 members since its Aug. Brashier, a hair stylist from Santa Margarita, Calif., told ABC's "Good Morning America" she was 37 years old and single when she was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer.

She struggled with dating for years following her recovery, fearful of finding intimacy.

Patients receive a series of short (30 second) treatments, usually once or twice a week over a series of weeks.

It's performed in a doctor's office by a dermatologist trained and certified in using SRT.

Treatment often can kill sex drive and make intercourse impossible, she said.

I had an upper right lobectomy surgery on 1/10/2010 @stage1. I think that your illness is more in the forefront of your mind than it would be in a potential mate/date. I once dated a cancer survivor...every single flippin' chance he got he would refer to himself as a "transplant body"! This isn't the reason we're no longer together but it sure was annoying.Sure there is a chance of recurrence and that may be something to be concerned about but who is to say the next person you date is not about to become seriously ill. Maybe I should have starting introducing him as my boyfriend, "the Transplant Body"...?For example, certain cancer treatments leave patients unable to have sex.The idea for the website comes from Brashier's own personal frustrations.