I hate playing dating games

Four days later, after his third call went unanswered, he left this voicemail: I had a great time with you the other night and I’d like to get to know you better.I understand that you’re busy, so I’ll let you contact me when you’re available.

We can’t label ALL of one sex in this way because, realistically, that’s just not the case. They lead to anger, confusion, and shitty relationships – if they even get you to a relationship.

In other words, don’t play girl’s games but do play games with girls? Why do so many men have step-by-step instructions on how to get a woman?

Why do they feel like they need to trick women into liking them, and then play with their minds until they are so fucked up that they don’t actually know how they feel? A guy who figures that he’s not worthy or capable of getting a woman simply by being himself, so he has to come up with these tricks and techniques to follow.

The idea is that men value what they work hard to get – making him work for it is supposed to work like a charm.

Although there is some truth to this, there is also the danger of overdoing the whole playing hard to get strategy and turning a guy off completely. She went out with him once and liked him even more.