Is chad rogers still dating victoria

She is next in line after her uncle, King William (Jim Broadbent), who is gormless.As he approaches death, her mother the Duchess of Kent (Miranda Richardson) falls under the control of the ambitious Sir John Conroy (Mark Strong).

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A witness said, “Their PDA was on a different level throughout the concert. Her arms were around him most of the night, dancing and kissing.” If they’re happy, we’re happy!

“Ryan is working on ‘Happyland’ with MTV and Victoria just finished another show [‘Eye Candy’] for MTV, so they’re still on the same network,” the source said.

“They are both seeing other people now.” Justice and Fode — that sounds like a songwriting duo, doesn’t it?

Chad is 37 years old, so there is a bright future waiting for him and he will probably achieve even more as a real estate agent.

If this happens, we can be sure that Chad Rogers’ net worth will also grow.