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But, despite her family issues, onlookers were still shocked to see Jon and Jen hanging out at the Golden Globe Awards on January 11th.According to GLOBE Magazine, “Not surprisingly, Angelina is said to be less-than-pleased with the situation, which has added further friction to her estranged relationship with her dad.Jennifer Aniston is going to play Jon Voight’s daughter in an upcoming movie, reveals OK!The magazine notes it’s a “surprising casting choice,” considering his real daughter is Angelina Jolie.

In the 1980s, the actress found success launching a series of aerobic-exercise videos.That's quite a difference from the mental patient she played in Girl, Interrupted."As an actor, you worry…if you become…known (for) who you are…'cause you think, 'I'm supposed to tell stories, and you're supposed to believe I'm other people.You shouldn't be so focused about who I really am.'"If awards are any indication, it would appear that Jolie is regarded as a credible actress.The trophies she has garnered this year alone include the Oscar, a prize her father, Jon Voight, won 22 years ago.He was especially pleased and proud that she mentioned him in her acceptance speech."It's a moment's not difficult to remember the people that you love, 'cause…it's a moment where you are very focused on your life, and who's been at your side," Jolie recalls.