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To boot into safe mode on any Mac, all you need to do is start holding down the shift key during system start after you hear the initial boot chime.You must hold the Shift key immediately after hearing the bootup sound effect otherwise Safe Mode will not initiate.Some Mac users may want to clear caches and clean out temporary files from Mac OS.

Errant connections through Ethernet cables, telephone lines and even Air Port cards can cause significant delays.Generally you’d only want to trash caches if they’re hogging a large amount of storage capacity, or if a particular app is not functioning properly or is serving stale data served from old cache.Despite what some “cleaner” apps might claim, cleaning our Mac cache and temporary files is not going to give your computer a magical super performance boost or make you more popular with the ladies and gents, all it does is remove temporary files from the computer.Check PRAM -- reset, or replace battery Especially on some older Power Mac G3s, problematic PRAM (parameter RAM) or a defective PRAM battery can cause delays in startup as the system constantly re-checks for connected devices and other hardware that are normally stored in PRAM.The first thing to try in this case is a PRAM reset.