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Updates are not automatically applied to an open plan.

She adds the Status Manager field to the Task Sheet, and for the upcoming tasks, she changes the Status Manager field from herself to Laurie.When a work item or task has been scheduled to participate in synchronization, you cannot remove it from synchronization except by deleting the task from the project plan.You cannot modify the Publish to Team Project value that is assigned to a task, and you cannot change the Submit to Project Server field in Team Foundation.When I answer this question, I always stress that it is crucial that project plans are first updated each week so that reporting is accurate, and that the appropriate corrective actions are performed — only then end users can trust the data quality and ensure the effectiveness of the system … Depending on the complexity of your projects, I recommend spending 2-4 hours on the first day of each reporting period to take the appropriate steps to process weekly updates in Microsoft PPM.If your organisation uses the ‘Timesheet’ or ‘Tasks’ functionality in PWA, of course, the first step is to ensure that all team members have submitted updates.

Ms project updating task status updates resource status