Remington 870 wingmaster serial number dating

However, the lettered barrel code is the best way to find the manufacture date, assuming the barrel is original. arrelcodes there are also apparently a lot of guns without the barrel codes. I have an inquiry into Remington, will report what they say. I have a vague memory of an article dealing with receiver cracks where the solution was to drill a small hole at the end of the crack. Dan I have heard of receiver cracks and issues with the LW 20s, but I have only ever seen two 12 gauges with cracks, and one of those had enlarged gas ports (didn't get to check the other one).

As noted above, the serial number only identifies the model type (which might indicate a manufacture range, I should admit). The serial number has 5 digits and the W suffix, no prefix. They don't have a recorded date for that but believe it was in the 1970s.

I have contacted Remington and they confirmed that information above is correct.

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I know; I have a Model 1100 LT20 Magnum (1978 vintage) with the original barrel and no barrel code, and an 870 12 gauge Magnum (circa 1976) with the original barrel, also with no code, and finally an 1100 28 gauge (Probably 1976 or 1977) with no barrel codes. Oh yes, they all have a lonely little proof mark on the other side of the barrel. No prefix is pre 1968, and by that number I would guess yours is late 1967 or early 68. As far as the rest of the serial on the other , its S656868V. The cracked 1100 I didn't get to examine had a hole drilled and was still trucking.

Made right in the middle of when Remington was doing the barrel code thingy. Dan Going mostly on memory (dicey at best) the early 16s and 20 gauge standard weights did not have the stress relief slit behind the bolt handle slot, at least up thru 1973. The 28 gauge and .410 Matched Sets in 1969 did have the relief slits, as did the LW and LT 20s. I have seen a LOT of Standard 20s used in Skeet and no issues.

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According to the “Blue Book of Gun Values”, the coding continues as follows: Month Codes: [first letter] B – L – A – C – K – P – O – W – D – E – R – X 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 12 Year:______Code: [second (and third*) letters] 1930_______ Y 1931_______ Z 1932_______ A 1933_______ B 1934_______ C 1935_______ D 1936_______ E 1937_______ F 1938_______ G 1939_______ H 1940_______ J 1941_______ K 1942_______ L 1943_______ MMZ 1944_______ NN 1945_______ PP 1946_______ RR 1947_______ SS 1948_______ TT 1949_______ UU 1950_______ WW 1951_______ XX 1952_______ YY 1953_______ ZZ 1954_______ A 1955_______ B 1956_______ C 1957_______ D 1958_______ E 1959_______ F 1960_______ G 1961_______ H 1962_______ J 1963_______ K 1964_______ L 1965_______ M 1966_______ N 1967_______ P 1968_______ R 1969_______ S 1970_______ T 1971_______ U 1972_______ W 1973_______ X 1974_______ Y 1975_______ Z 1976_______ I 1977_______ O 1978_______ Q 1979_______ V 1980_______ A 1981_______ B 1982_______ C 1983_______ D 1984_______ E 1985_______ F 1986_______ G 1987_______ H 1988_______ I 1989_______ J 1990_______ K 1991_______ L 1992_______ M 1993_______ N 1994_______ O 1995_______ P 1996_______ Q 1997_______ R 1998_______ S 1999_______ T 2000_______ U 2001_______ W 2002_______ X * the years 1943 though 1953 had double letters: ie, MM = 1943 As maybe seen, the year code letters duplicate; some knowledge of when the model was introduced should resolve the actual year of manufacture.

Give them the Serial Number and they'll give you the born on date. Looks like it may have had a gold wash in the lettering. Follower is blued too, seems to me that they are usually in the shinny white. I too just acquired a 410 870 wing master with enhanced engraving.

Barrels get swapped frequently, so the codes may be misleading. The V suffix on yours indicates it's a 2 3/4" gun so forgo the maggie numbs. I think it's one of the 999-2001 as there is no numbers on the barrel.

A vintage WM is first class condition for 5 is a great deal. Just home from the Pawn Shop and have suffered thru the glare of the Mrs. Looks like a 1979 gun from what I can tell off of the S#. Just has "mod" for the choke type on that side and rep on the other.

Remington Year of Manufacture Codes maybe found on the barrel of your Remington rifle [or shotgun] on the left side, just forward of the receiver; the first letter of the Code is the month of manufacture, followed by one or two letters which are the year of manufacture.